• Audio to Synth (build kit)

Audio to Synth (build kit)

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Transform the input signal (guitar, voice, etc.) to a variable pulse wave (duty cycle)

Technical Data:

Audio IN/OUT 

CONNECTIONS:  Pulse Width Modulation , Output Gain, LFO rate, LFO depth.

A really crunchy filter, doesn't matter if Guitar, Voice or Drum Machine the converter create a really special distortion with possibilities to adjust pulse width and thanks to the LFO is possible to create from wavy to tremolo effect.

PWM can be controlled by a LFO, envelope follower or external CV.

You will recevie: PCB - IC Sockets - IC's - Resistors - Capacitors - Potentiometers - Jack Plugs - Led - Build Manual (no enclosure!)

Also fully assembled variant does NOT include enclosure!

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for anything wrong (including electric shocks, malfunctions, fires, accidents involving a soldering iron) that might happen during the assembly of the kit. Everything you do while assembling the kit is at your own risks.

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