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A different PT-2399 delay design with 2 feedbacks

Technical Data:

CONNECTIONS: Audio in, Audio out

POTS: Delay Time (ca. 50ms to ca. 600ms), Mix In (effect dry/wet ),  Repeats (1 to ca. 10), Endless (delay feedback),

Feedback (audio feedback) simple input/output shorting.

1x On/Off Switch.

1x Audio Feedback Switch.

IC1: 16dip PT2399 (processor for Echo an Suround/Delay effect with 44k of internal memory and built in VCO)

IC2: 8dip TL072 (dual operational amplifier for input/output stage), for better audio quality and higher resolution can be replaced with Dual OpAmp like: NE5532, OPA2604, OPA2134 or with other pin compatible and with similar characteristics.

IC3: 78L05 (Linear voltage regulator 5V/0,1A).

You will recevie: PCB - IC Sockets - IC's - Resistors - Capacitors - Potentiometers - Jack Plugs - Led - Build Manual (no enclosure!)

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for anything wrong (including electric shocks, malfunctions, fires, accidents involving a soldering iron) that might happen during the assembly of the kit. Everything you do while assembling the kit is at your own risks.

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