• Onde Anomale (atmds01) - Free Download
Artist : Hesed
style : Electronic, IDM
Number of track : 10
Format : Digital
Label : Analog Tecne Model
Country : DE
Release date : 04.08.2007

An excellent electro Acid & Breakz album. the first one, from Hesed ATM.The whole thing sounds Electro, starting oldschool and growing more and more breakz to ends is a very coles to be hardtek dancefloor... This travel will leads you very different electro-chapel such as Miami, belgium EBM or German electrance, Drill-breakz... The fact that a Free/Tribe artist does such a music might appear surprising for some, but actually it is not : where artist can be free to develop the sound they want elswhere than in an environment where there is no marketing or commercial superstructures to dictate the tastes... ...Chris Toolbox

All tracks composed and produced by Hesed. Flute and shout on "Onda 8" by Lue. Voice on "Onda 7" by Mikelina, all scratch by Dj Zula.



Onde Anomale (atmds01) - Free Download

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